• Chain Club

    Chain Club is the earliest and largest block chain education community in China. It focuses on block chain education, which is currently the largest and most comprehensive block chain education system.There are more than 30 branches in various cities. Cha

  • ChainClub X-Lab

    ChainClub X-lab is an incubator platform jointly established by XFund and Chain Club, integrates all resources of industry capital, media, technology and government, and focuses on incubating high-quality block chain projects.  

  • XFund

    XFund is the officially funded by Chain Club, which is located in Singapore. It mainly invests in early high-quality and innovative projects in the field of block chain.



  • Bruce

    Joint founder of Block Chain Institute, co-founder of Chain Club X-Lab, and tutor of Block Chain Investment course design.

  • Ares

    Master of Software Engineering, University of Electronic Science and Technology, Co-founder of Block Chain Learning Society, Co-founder of Chain Club X-Lab & CEO, with many years of government work and equity investment experience.

  • Charles

    Partner of Australian Zhengtai Group, Master of Business Economics, MONASH University, Australia, with many years of experience in trust fund management and overseas fund framework establishment.